Saturday, January 08, 2005

Another random conversation at a party

"After the election I was too depressed to talk for a couple of weeks. We're going to move to mexico, not now but in a couple of years. Canada is too cold for me." She smiled.

The other woman was hispanic, married to a turk. "I'm getting a turkish passport. It's a lot better to have that in europe than an american one, and it drives my father crazy every time I tell him."

There followed a long conversation about how disappointed they were in Colin Powell and John McCain for abandoning their principles and supporting Bush, with the turkish husband explaining that those guys were republicans first and they had to support whoever the party supported regardless of their principles.

At a pause in the conversation I said, "I've been listening to talk radio on my commute, Michael Savage. It's interesting."

"I couldn't do that. My blood pressure couldn't stand it."

"It's fun. He used to be all outraged at liberals. But there aren't any important liberals left. Bush is completely in charge and all he can do is be outraged at Bush."

"That does sound like fun. What is he mad at Bush for?"

"Partly for being nice to Clinton. He was real upset when the Bushes showed up for Clinton's library opening. Bush senior said nice things about Clinton and Bush junior hugged him. And he got mad that Bush appointed Clinton so something about the tsunami."

"Why is he mad at Clinton?"

"He has a list. He said ten of them. I remember some ... he didn't like Clinton's abortion stand, and he thought the airstrikes in Kosover were war crimes. But it's all up to Bush now and Bush is the new problem. Savage says the republicans and democrats are both bad but democrats are worse. Now Bush is just as bad as the democrats."

"Bush is a lot worse!"

"Yes, but remember these are republicans talking. Bush has a giant deficit. He set up a great big useless Homeland Security bureaucracy. He has us in this no-win war. He keeps spending more money and interfering with people's lives."

"Those are all things I hate about Bush."

"Yes. But republicans say they're things that democrats do. Now they vote republican and Bush does the same things. I wouldn't be surprised if the party splits."

"You mean, Michael Savage is setting up wedge issues for republicans. That's something democrats aren't any good at."

"Yes. Bush is a borrow-and-spend big-government politician. He's just exactly what a lot of republicans vote against democrats for, but they got it anyway. They hate it."

"Borrow and spend. I like that."

"I like listening to him. Talk radio lives on outrage. Now the republicans are running everything and there's nobody else to be outraged about."


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